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vB4 Ultimate Temperature BBCode

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Jul 17, 2005
Heisenberg submitted a new resource:

- Ultimate Temperature BBCode

vB Version: 4.1.0

This BBcode is so simple to use...
You enter a temperature in celsius, fahrenheit, kelvin, or rankine. And it will convert it to all 4 of thoose measurements.
If you entered 100.1234 for celsius this would be the final result:
[temp=c]100.1234[/temp] displays:
100.1234ºC (212.22212ºF / 373.2734K / 671.89212ºRa)

[temp=c]###[/temp] ~ Celsius
[temp=f]###[/temp] ~ Fahrenheit
[temp=k]###[/temp] ~ Kelvin
[temp=r]###[/temp] ~ Rankine

Here is the code:

Admin CP >...
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